Hire a Realtor®

Hire A Realtor®

My name is Deborah Link: Your Link to St Augustine Real Estate, Are you looking to sell your Real Estate, Listing your property with a  Realtor® is the most efficient way to get maximum exposure and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Thinking of selling your property yourself? Why open your door to strangers, how can you tell if they are genuine buyers, in a worst case scenario they might be there to “Case the Joint!” A full time professional Realtor® can eliminate the tire kickers, snoopers, and the unscrupulous: with a Realtor® working for you only qualified buyers will have the opportunity to enter and view your property. Realtors® are members of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and can have the selling features and details of your property in front of hundreds of Realtors within 24 hours of your giving the go ahead. Can you do that? Realtors® work with motivated sellers and qualified buyers; we live by a strong code of ethics.

The internet is fundamental these days in the sale of real estate; buyers expect to be able to see properties online with maps, photos and other supporting information. The lists of websites your property will be promoted on are much too extensive to list here.

Realtors are knowledgeable and will successfully negotiate a contract and provide the proper disclosures needed with all the I’s dotted and the Tee’s crossed. Realtors® are dedicated to making your experience as smooth and trouble free as possible with commitment, drive and the enthusiasm of multiple Realtors® working with and for you.

Realtors® are out and about each and every day so that you the seller and the qualified buyer can take advantage of the contacts we make on a daily basis. They know the home inspectors, title companies, mortgage bankers and brokers, locksmiths, repair men, house cleaners, pet sitters, etc.: constantly keeping up with the trends and changes in the market and having a commitment to continuing education, allowing Realtors® to expertly assist sellers.

Real Estate is what Realtors® do, we live, eat and breath Real Estate, it’s all we want to do, choose a Realtor® to list your property and  take advantage of our professionalism. Realtors® will work diligently to get the highest price possible for your property. And we will be honest with you when it comes to pricing your home, Realtors® won’t present you with an unrealistic price just to get your business. You see it’s not just your one time business we Realtors® strive for; it’s your repeat business, satisfaction and your referrals that Realtors® earn with good old fashion hard work.


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