Are you Tired of Paying Rent

ImageWhy are you renting when you could be buying? Now is the time to buy Real Estate, mortgage rates are at an all-time low and it’s a buyer’s market. You might be surprised at just how much home you can afford.

You’ve heard and seen this topic many times before so what are you waiting for. The dream of home-ownership is only a phone call away. Your local realtor will be more than happy to discuss your current situation and make suggestions that will eventually save you money in the long run.

If you’re worried that you don’t have enough money for a down payment think again, there are so many mortgage programs out there for little or no money down. There are government programs for first time home buyers and loans for veterans. Your Realtor can put you in touch with a licensed mortgage broker who can explain several programs and ways in which you too can become an owner instead of a renter.

We can crunch all kinds of numbers here which wouldn’t be fair or adaptable to your unique financial condition. For example I could say that if you’re spending $900 per month for rent then over the next 10 years you could save $50,314.69 if you buy instead of rent. The bottom line is every month that you pay rent you’re making someone else rich and most likely paying off their mortgage loan. Why not pay your own mortgage. Wouldn’t it be nice being the King of your own castle instead of paying homage to your leigh lord, more commonly known today as the Land Lord.

I can remember as a child how important owning land was to my grandparents who immigrated to this country from Italy. They wanted to be American to have a piece of that American Dream, and that dream began with the road to American Citizenship and owning Real Estate. My grandparents bought what they could afford, a nice three bedroom row home in Germantown, Pennsylvania. They took pride in their home, raised their children and grandchildren under that roof and I must say the happiest times of my childhood were spent in that cozy loving home. When I grew up got married and owned three quarters of an acre, my grandparents were thrilled with my special little piece of home-ownership and they considered my husband a rich man because of that property. To them wealth equaled land, not necessarily money in the bank. Today my own dream is a reality; and I’m lucky enough to be assisting others down that rewarding road leading right smack to owning their own home.

So if you’re considering buying a home, don’t wait, investigate your options, talk to a Realtor and sit down with a mortgage broker, the only cost with this first step is a bit of your time.

Why not do it now since there’s nothing worse than a

“Would of, Could of, Should of “regret in your future.



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