Moving Day Tips

St Augustine Team RealtyThere’s more to Real Estate then buying and selling property, and that’s the Elephant in the room, Moving Day. I’ve spend most of my adult life in the moving business and one thing a good mover knows is this, they are not just moving your furniture they are moving your life. What may look like an ordinary piece of furniture could be a valued treasure to you and your family and a reputable mover will understand and respect that fact.

Before you call the mover take a good look around your house the garage and or shed. Do you really want to move everything you own or perhaps it’s time to have a garage sale or better yet some charitable donations? Are you going to do all your own packing or would you like the moving company to pack your items. Remember anything you pack will not be insured so careful packing using a lot of packing paper is very important, and mark every box you pack: fragile, kitchen, bedroom 1, garage, etc. making life much easier when it’s time to unpack. Do not use newspaper to wrap china, china is porous and will absorb the news print and you’ll never be able to wash it off. Leave clothing and linen only in your dresser drawers. The movers can put your hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes and rehang them in your new home, most movers will rent you the wardrobe boxes for your move, and they are worth the nominal fee, saving you time and work.  And most importantly consider your valuables, pack all your jewelry, cash and important papers yourself, keep that with you in your car, MOVE THESE ITEMS YOURSELF!

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you no longer need and have decided on who’s going to do the packing it’s time to get a moving estimate. If you have family or friends that were satisfied with a particular moving company I wouldn’t hesitate to hire that company, after all word of mouth it the best advertising any company can have. If not, then get at least three estimates, make sure the company is licensed and insurance, find out if there is a deductible that you may be responsible for and what items are not insured, obtain their certificate of insurance for your records. Ask about their fee structure, do they charge by the hour or by the pound, get the cost estimate in writing. If you’re making a local move most likely the mover will charge you by the hour, this is the best way to go. You will save money by using a local moving company because a van line may be local but that company is paying a fee to the van line, and of course passing that cost on to you the consumer. Family owned and operated are usually good key words you can trust with reliable experienced professionals.

On Moving Day, wake up and put your bed linens and pillows in a plastic garbage bag, put the bag in your car so it’s not mistaken for trash. Do have someone at the home during the move to be sure everything is on the truck and to lock the doors after the movers are done, you may be at closing. Be sure to have your phone on and a second contact number, have that given to the driver in case he needs to reach you during the move. And for Heaven’s Sake don’t ask your movers to take off their shoes, it’s an unreasonable request that will be denied, movers need steady footing and will be careful of your hardwood floors and light colored carpet. After closing get to the new property ASAP, the mover will be waiting for someone to unlock the door and cannot control how long it takes for this to happen, remember you are paying them by the hour and if they are waiting for you that’s costing you money. So get an early morning closing, you would be surprised at how quickly a good moving company can load a 3 to 4 bedroom home into the back of that truck.

Good luck in your new home and feel free to contact me with any of your moving or real estate related questions.

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