Moving Day Tips #2

In my last blog I gave you some tips on moving and packing, today I would like to explain about having your larger items professionally moved.

Beds: The mover will disassemble your beds and reassemble them in your new home.

China Cabinets and Entertainment Centers: Empty the cabinet but leave the glass shelves in place, the mover will dissemble the unit and then reassemble it in your new home.

Large Hanging Mirrors: Leave them hanging on the wall, the movers will take it down and move it but they will not rehang it in your new home unless the proper hanging hardware is already in place.

Swing Set: You should have your set dissembled before the movers arrive. Older sets will have rusty screws that may break and your re-assembly on the other end may need new hardware. Your mover will usually not put together anything that they did not take apart.

Washing Machine: The moving company will disconnect your washing machine hoses but now is also a good time to replace those old worn hoses. Before the move purchase new hoses and put them inside the washing machine tub, tape a note on the washer to the driver: “Driver, please use the new hoses when reconnecting the washer in my new home, you will find them inside the tub. Thank You”

Dryer: if you have a gas dryer to move you will have to call your gas company ahead of time and have the gas shut off and removed, your mover cannot do this because of insurance liability issues.

Gas Grills: the moving company can move your grill but because of insurance liability issues they cannot take the propane tank, you will have to move the tank yourself.

Refrigerator and Freezers: Empty and unplug your refrigerator preferable the day before the move, but most definitely the morning of the move, if you have food to keep cold use coolers and blue ice.

House Plants: These are tricky since they will vary in size and container weight; ask your mover what his policy is towards the plants in your home during your estimate. Some movers will not move plants because they are easily broken or damaged.

Pool Tables: Ask you mover what their policy is on moving pool tables, most companies will not move or insure the table because the slate and rails are easily broken. You may want to call a pool table mechanic, and yet they are out there!

Good luck in your new home and feel free to contact me with any of your moving or real estate related questions.

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