Do You Really Want to Sell Your House

You might answer that question with a yes but are you doing everything possible to insure your House sells. First and foremost price your house to sell, be competitive. Notice I’m not calling it a home because it’s a House for Sale; it will become a home again once the buyers settle in and make it their home. That’s what you’re selling after all, Home Ownership! The best way to get a sale is to hire a Realtor, by hiring a professional you can be assured that every buyer who comes through that front door is qualified and ready to purchase. Marketing your house as a For Sale by Owner may sound like a good idea in the beginning, but in today’s society is it really smart to let in anyone who rings your bell or call’s you on the telephone, no my friend it’s not smart and it sure isn’t safe.

Once you hire a listing agent, take their advice, after all you’re paying for their service, so give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s best to have your house on a lock-box so it can be shown easily. Keep your house neat all the time. If you’re home when an agent comes to the door with a buyer make yourself scarce, the best thing to do is leave, take a walk or a drive, but by all means get out of the house. If for some reason you are unable to leave the house then confine yourself to one room and stay there. When a buyer comes into your living room it’s important that he can see that room as his living room! Put away the family pictures, get rid of the knickknacks, and clean out the closets, make everything look bigger, bright and clean.

Your wishes will be respected, if you insist on being there for every showing then understand you are putting the buyer in an awkward position, you’re making him feel like he’s invading your privacy. Chances are the buyer will walk away from your house and buy the next one where he was more comfortable and relaxed enough to turn the faucets on and off, flush the toilet and look in the closets. I’m not saying your house won’t sell if you insist on being there but it will take a lot longer. And the longer it sits on the market the less money you’ll get in the long run.

ImageAs the owner if you’re going to make unreasonable requests of the buyers like removing their shoes, then your Listing Agent should be aware of this and let the buyer’s agent know beforehand. There’s nothing worse than knocking on the door to show a property and the owner tells the buyer’s agent and the buyers to take their shoes off, it’s bad enough that the buyer is going to be followed around by the owner in the first place. And taking off their shoes is very intimidating to the buyer, it puts them in a subordinate position and most people won’t spend their money when they don’t feel in control. You also have to consider that the buyer may have an age or disability issue and can’t take their shoes on and off from a standing position. So what happens now: the buyers refuse to take off their shoes and they walk away, they don’t see or buy your property, the buyer’s agent, by not being forewarned is embarrassed in front of the buyer and will be reluctant to show that property again, and you the Seller, have just LOST A SALE!

Putting your house on the market will inconvenience you the Seller, the objective during the sale process is to make the showings as convenient as possible for the buyer!

By Deborah Link

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