What is a UMVI & Do I Want One

UMVI = Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection. This sounds like a complicated term but it’s simply a form stating your home’s level of wind resistance required by insurance companies. Having this form filled out by a qualified licensed home inspector can save you money on your homeowners insurance, so YES you probably want one. We could all use a break on our insurance premium rates and the small fee that it will cost you for this inspection is well worth the savings.


I recently had a new metal roof installed on my home and I called my insurance company to tell them I had a new roof, I was expecting a discount on my yearly premium. Well, that’s when I found out I needed a UMVI, a wind inspection to make sure the roof was done properly and that I had the proper permit and certificate of completion by the local building inspector. Of course I had everything in order, my roofer was top notch and very professional.

My insurance company recommended someone, and I called, he came out to inspect my roof and fill out the UMVI form. He checked the roof deck attachment, the roof geometry, bracing, my wall structure and various exterior openings. The inspector went into the attic and took several pictures that were attached and sent to the insurance company along with the form. The whole process took less than an hour and I received a copy of the pictures and the completed form via email. I gained an immediate and significant price reduction to my homeowner’s insurance premium, and I couldn’t be happier. This form is valid up to 5 years providing no material changes have been made to the home.

Remember not all contractors can prepare a UMVI in Florida; they need a special license issued by the state. Call your insurance company today and see if having a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection could save you some money. Tell them your “Link to St Augustine Real Estate” told you to call!

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