Life with a Realtor®

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I live with a Realtor®, and believe me it has its ups and downs. Every morning my Realtor® puts on what’s called clothes, she tried putting those things on me and I put a stop to that right away. Oh she petted me and told me how much I would like my new outfit and then she proceeded to put it on me lifting my legs awkwardly into tiny little holes then forcing scratchy material over my head. Wow did Elizblogpicthat feel strange; I don’t know how she can put those outfits on herself every day because I sure hated that constricting horrible feeling. Well I did what any proud miniature dachshund would do, I froze right there on the spot, yep that’s right, I refused to move! I stood perfectly still then I really laid it on looking at her with my big irresistible eyes screaming help, help me, please help me, I can’t move. Off came that stupid outfit and that my friend was the end of my Realtor thinking I would be wearing clothes like her. I can just imagine her thinking how cute we would look in matching outfits; sometimes she’s just not wrapped too tight.

Let’s face it, I do spend a lot of time in the house alone because she’s always going somewhere and most of the time she doesn’t take me along. That is so frustrating especially since I always want to go with my Realtor®, heck I don’t want to miss out on anything. So many times she promises me that she’ll be home with me all day, and then the phone rings and she’s out the door breaking the promise she just made. Or she says, I’ll be back in a little while and comes back five or six hours later. When my Realtor® does come home I jump up and down on her leg wagging my tail like crazy, she thinks I’m so happy to see her when all I really want to do is go outside and do my business since I’ve been holding it for hours!

As I said in the beginning there are many up sides to living with my Realtor®. For instance we both enjoy a lot of the same things, playing ball, sleeping under a blanket, sitting in the same recliner, watching old movies and eating cheese. Plus there seems to be an endless supply of food in a big metal box that she keeps in the kitchen, I usually get a piece of whatever she takes out of there too. She does keep a bowl on the floor for me filled with some sort of colorful pebbles that I simply refuse to eat on a regular basis. Make no mistake about it, I may live with a Realtor® but I’m top dog in this house, I’m in charge around here. I had her trained in no time. Whenever she sits down to eat she always shares with me. I have a special seat in the car too right up front next to my Realtor®, it’s nice and high so I can see out the window, I love riding in the car.

I must admit that my Realtor® is my very best friend. I follow her around the house and even when she’s on the computer, which is most of the time, I’m right under the desk in my bed just in case she needs me. I feel sorry for her sometimes especially when people come over. She thinks they’re coming to see her when they really just came over to play ball with me. Like I said before, sometimes she’s not wrapped too tight so I’m taking care of her and I’m doing a great job.

Elizabeth pawprintxsm


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