Time to Get Organized

Are you still telling yourself that one of these days “I’m going to get organized?” I know just what you mean with so much going on, seller appointments, showings to schedule, customers to call, contracts to negotiate there’s never enough time in the day.

I am here to help you organize the one thing that is in your hand all day long, and that’s your IPhone, lets clean it up!

Is your phone cluttered with icon’s on page after page, is your background picture so busy you can hardly see the names of all your apps? A cleaned up phone can save you valuable time and keep you from searching for that app you need.

Let’s start at the beginning, always a good place to start with, and that would be your background picture. It should be a solid color, I found that I didn’tIPhone like the colors in the ready-made backgrounds provided so one day I pointed my IPhone at the ocean and now my background is subtle and my icons are more prominent, using a clear blue sky works well also.

Notice the first page of my IPhone you can clearly see everything, including the folders I have created.

You can see that on the task bar I keep my favorite icons, I only have three there because I leave a space for when I decide to move an icon, it’s a lot easier to move an icon to that line then to try and move it to another page. If you do this moving icons and creating folders will be quick and easy.

This is the last and most important step towards cleaning up that phone. Create folders so that everything is easily accessible and yes organized. For example if you use social media on your phone you have several apps that you can put in one place.

folderIphone Let’s Begin: hold down your Facebook icon till all your icons begin to shake and have an X showing in the left hand corners.

If your Facebook icon and your LinkedIn icon for example are not on the same page then put your Facebook icon on the bottom taskbar, go to the page where your LinkedIn icon is and place the Facebook icon directly on top of your LinkedIn icon and a folder will automatically create, this is also your opportunity to name this folder, I named mine Social. Now that your folder is created you can drag more icons in there. When you open a folder you can see its contents, no more looking for an app. Look how nice and neat that looks! To close a folder just hit your home button.

As you collect more social media apps you can put them in this folder, there is no limit since you can have many pages in one folder.

You just continue this process to create folders reducing the number of pages on your phone and find everything in a flash. This photo shows another folder I created I named utilities with more than one page of icons as indicated by the two dots at the bottom of the folder, this shows this particular folder has two pages. Notice how nice and neat it looks with a clean background. Remember neatness counts! I also have folders for news, county info, documents, etc. You can be creative and neat at the same time.

I hope this tech tip helps you get a smooth operating IPhone since you’ll be using this each and every day. If you’re wondering how I took pictures of what’s showing on my phone at any given time, I’ll tell ya.

Simultaneously (at the same time) hold down both the end button and the hiphonebuttonome button, release and you have taken a screen shot. Go to your Photo’s and it will be there ready to text and or email as a photo.

This is also useful if you want to take photos of a short conversation in message or even a game level. Anything you can see on your IPhone you can save as a photo.

Be organized and carry on.

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