Tips for Purchasing a New Computer

With Christmas right around the corner are you ready for a new computer?

In my opinion and I’m not an expert, computers are not made to be repaired they are made to be replaced. With the constant ongoing rapid change in technology and the speed in which a computer can perform a new system may be on your wish list. First let’s consider what we need when purchasing a new computer and what comes to mind is we need more and more memory, more speed, and more hard drive space so we can get at least 3 to 4 years out of this new system before major changes force us back to the market place once again.
I can’t remember how many computers I’ve had in the past, I would really have to sit down with a paper and pen, start thinking and writing things down. Oh heck what am I saying, I don’t need paper and pen, I can use my computer to help me remember the number. My backups go back pretty far too, so far that some are on floppy disks, I guess whatever info is on those floppies is no longer important, perhaps it’s time for them to self-destruct.

shopping computerWhat to look for in a new computer; first decide which type of system is best for your particular situation, you can choose from an Ultrabook, a laptop or desktop. An Ultrabook is a new term for a laptop that’s thin, powerful and sleek with the main focus being portability. By Intel standards these laptops must run via low-powered Intel processors and boast a battery life of at least five hours and interestingly enough they must come on after hibernation in less than eight seconds. Sounds good, however you have to check for ports, there may not be as many as you would like and there may not be a VGA port. If you require heavy graphics or like computer gaming an Ultrabook may not be for you.

Look for processor speed and power and remember the faster the better, this isn’t a place to compromise, so go for the gusto.

Get enough hard drive space especially if you like to store a lot of photos and or videos, Once again more is always better and of course you will get a bigger hard drive in a desktop then a laptop. However if you need portability a desktop may not be a good option and you can always move files to a portable hard drive when needed.

Consider getting the most memory for your money I wouldn’t personally consider anything less than 8GB of Ram, once again the more power the faster everything will work together.
Extra ports come in real handy so look for HMDI, USB and VGA, you might not need it today but you’ll be sorry tomorrow if you don’t have multiple ports.

Most of the new computers unless you choose an Apple product will be running Windows 8, this is a whole tech tip in itself and perhaps next time we can discuss more about Windows 8. If you’re use to XP then Windows 7 may be a good choice for you since the start menu is there and the familiarity will be more comfortable. Windows 8 will have a learning curve since its app based and many people feel there is too much emphasis on the touch screen interface. This version of Windows hides important commands behind invisible controls tucked into corners called charms and hot corners, but once you begin using them it will become second nature and you might learn love it. Startup and shutdown is much faster with Windows 8 and virus protection is built into the operating system so you don’t’ have to purchase an anti-virus suite, plus a multiple monitor feature is supported without the need to purchase extra software. File backup tools are better so if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty you might just end up liking Windows 8 since you can use more than one app at the same time. windows8blue
(Windows 8 Photo compliments of PC

Now of course Windows 10 is already in Beta and in case you’re wondering they skipped the number 9 entirely. Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference next April will most likely announce the release date of Windows 10. I know it’s not easy keeping up, but that’s the fun of technology it’s always changing keeping us on our toes after all exercising the mind and learning is the key to good health and happiness. So live long and compute my friend!

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