RPACRPAC stands for REALTORS® Political Action Committee, being non-partisan it benefits REALTORS® and homeowners alike by protecting the rights and liberties of both. We need a voice in government or we will be forgotten and taxed every time money is needed in the state budget, it’s always the middle class with that bullseye on its back. RPAC is committed to defending and fighting for legislation that will protect the rights of property owners and Real Estate agents. This is the main reason RPAC means so much to me, especially now that taxes are on my mind, I consider the 10% yearly assessment limit currently in place for 2nd homes and business property here in the state of Florida. Did you know the 10%  limited is going to expire in January of 2018? Without this limit on property assessments homeowners and business owners could and would see a constant yearly  increase in their property tax. With the help of RPAC we can continue to keep property assessments in check and make the yearly limit a part of our Florida Constitution so it can never expire! And then my friends we just continue selling 2nd homes to our customers. Please support RPAC and remember RPAC is always supporting you.